AI Label Designs: Beautiful Labels in Minutes

AI Label Designs: Beautiful Labels in Minutes

In an era where customization and speed are king, the print industry stands on the brink of a new revolution: AI-designed labels. This transformative technology is not just altering the landscape; it's redefining it. My recommendation- become an early adopter of this technology NOW.

Check out these decade-themed label designs, spanning from 1900-2020. All in all, it took me about 15 minutes to create them based on time for making the image prompt and time to process each design.


My image prompt was made to resemble a "Mad Lib" featured below:

"Create an image that captures a [1. Adjective] [2. Object or Scene]. The dominant color scheme should feature [3. Color], evoking the [4. Time of Day or Weather]. The scene should highlight a [5. Adjective] texture or material, and the subject is [6. Action or State]."

All I needed to do was fill in each blank with the proper words for each decade, but after seeing how it would take a while to fill in 6 blanks for each one, I refined it even more. I told the generator the following:

"I’m going to say the year 00 for 1900. After that, I’ll send another prompt that’ll read 10. That means 1910. Then I’ll say 20. And so on and so on until I stop. Are you ready? One decade at a time."

Now, the image generator would fill in the 6 blanks for me, and all I had to do was state the decade. Here are my results, with names based upon the design generated:


1. 1900- Bed Beer

1900's Beer Label


2. 1910- OAE Hearty Beer

1910 Beer Label


3. 1920- Roaring 20's Golden Lager


4. 1930- Farmer's Town IPA


5. 1940- American Ale

1940 Beer Label


6. 1950- 59er Craft Beer

1950 Beer Label


7. 1960- Flower Power 

1960 Beer Label


8. 1970- Dark Disco Ale

1970 Beer Label


9. 1980- Triple 8 IPA

1980 Beer Label


10. 1990- Where's the Beer? 

1990 Beer Label


11. 2000- Y2K Tech Ale

2000 Beer Label


12. 2010- Craft Hipster Lager

2010 Beer Label


13. 2020- Adaptive Ale

2020 Beer Label


I need to emphasize this: these 13 designs were made in a total of 15 minutes. 

All in all, AI-designed labels are not just a fleeting trend but a transformative movement set to redefine the print industry. Through enhanced customization and improved efficiency, AI is paving the way for a new standard in label printing, one where quality and innovation go hand in hand to meet the dynamic demands of the market.


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