Label & Narrow Web Presents PRX Market's Innovative Platform

Label & Narrow Web Presents PRX Market's Innovative Platform


As featured on Label & Narrow Web:

PRX Market, a new player in the print and label sector, has unveiled its innovative online platform designed to revitalize the industry by promoting sustainable sourcing practices. By providing a user-friendly space that brings together suppliers, converters, and printers, PRX Market aims to redefine the surplus material exchange, fostering value creation and increasing product lifecycles.

PRX Market addresses a crucial industry need by allowing suppliers and converters to easily sell their surplus materials, particularly rolls, at their actual value – a process that is not currently used or seen as viable. The platform boasts an intuitive design with comprehensive search functions and filters, making it easy for buyers to locate desired products without complicated sign-up procedures or price negotiations.

Easy Listing, Effortless Transactions
PRX Market takes the stress out of listing products. Listing materials on the platform is free, eliminating financial risk. According to PRX Market, sellers can confidently list their products without any concerns, maximizing the potential of their unused inventory. Said products can go for their face value, but pricing is completely up to sellers.

Sellers' time is precious, and PRX Market respects that. To list products, sellers only need to provide product specifications through a simple Excel sheet. PRX Market then handles the uploading process at no extra cost, allowing sellers to focus on their core business activities.

Seamless Experience for Buyers
Buyers can breathe easy with PRX Market – no account creation or fees are required to access and purchase products. The platform's simplicity ensures a straightforward purchasing process that's as easy as shopping on any other online marketplace.

Empowering Sellers, Fulfilling Buyers
PRX Market empowers sellers with a user-friendly interface that makes showcasing and selling surplus materials or machinery simple and efficient. Detailed descriptions, wider reach, and a supportive environment ensure sellers can monetize their excess assets with ease.

For buyers, PRX Market is a curated hub of high-quality materials, reliable machinery, and essential roll stock. The platform caters to various business needs, from boosting production capacities to upgrading operations, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling purchasing experience.

Embrace the Future with PRX Market
PRX Market believes in the power of collaboration and connectivity to drive growth. The platform fosters relationships within the print and label manufacturing community, providing opportunities for networking, knowledge-sharing, and innovation. PRX Market empowers industry professionals with resources and a vibrant community that propels the industry forward.

Join PRX Market: Shape the Future
Are you a supplier or converter in the print and label industry? PRX Market says, "Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock hidden value in your surplus materials and machinery. Join PRX Market today and become a part of a thriving community committed to positive change and sustainable growth. Visit to get started and revolutionize the way you do business. Together, we can all shape a more sustainable and prosperous future for the industry. Our mission statement: To aggregate the print and label industry into a user-friendly platform to increase sustainable sourcing practices."

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